Geometric Boobs

Wearable Art

For a three-year-old, who just started outlining her mind with pencils, ‘a-walking-canvas’ was certainly not a vocabulary but rather a feeling feels good. Her mom, an expert with needles, stitched up wounds at work and sewed all her outfits by hand. Their first and foremost collaboration was a little-red-wool dress, with an alien-ish-self-portrait embroidered on the chest. I remember it and its feeling till today.


2012 – Present

Thirty-some years later, my feeling for clothes remained, although red is replaced by ‘professional’ colours (blue, grey, beige, white and black), although mom cannot keep up with demands.

I sometimes wonder if the little-alien has departed.
The quest for its return has driven me to make these tiny boobs, not for the sake of ‘a-walking-canvas’ but rather for sustaining the feeling.

Wearable Art Grew From the Sculpture Paintings

Every ornamental brooch is different, from casting, sanding, painting onto you.


He is 186cm. She is 175cm.
Paper engineered sculptures at Bergen Design Week, 2013.

Handmade with ❤︎

Body: Acrylic Resin (water-based, non-toxic, lightweight)
Skin: Acrylic Painting and Varnishing