The Nutrition of Screen Time

The Nutrition of Screen Time Illustration + Object #Prologue Sanitising Bot (2020) Watercolour + Graphite Pen on Paper 36 x 55 cm Detail #1 Eggplant + Fish (2020) Watercolour +…
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The Twelve Moments

The Twelve Moments Concept + Motion 2018 A collection of ideas burst out loud during summer break. I couldn’t resist the temptation of seeing them moving, dreaming about their mutation.…
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Living With the Drones

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Living With the Drones Concept + Motion 2018 – 2020 Drone Nr.1 Mr. わくわく WAKUWAKU Drone Nr.2 Ms. どきどき DOKIDOKI Drone Nr.3 Mr. ごろごろ GOROGORO Drone Nr.4 Ms. もぐもぐ MOGUMOGU…
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